Fancy Mouse Information

Please note that this section is written for mice in the US. Mice in other parts of the world can be very different than US mice. For instance, some mice in other parts of the world need more protein whereas mice in the US generally shouldn’t go over 13%. Not all mice are the same, even if they are the same species. Different countries have had domestic mice longer than others, contributing to differences among the species as a whole. While all mice are created equal, mice in different parts of the world require different care. Even mice in the same country often require different care, depending on the line. The information herein is a starting point for general mouse care, focusing on mice in the US.

House Mouse General Facts
Health Physiology & Anatomy
Blood pressure
Heart rate
Respiratory rate
Body temperature
Life cycle
Life span
Female estrus (heat) cycle
Complete Physical Maturity
Optimal Breeding Age
Postpartum Estrus
Litter size
Ears Open
Eyes Open
End of Fertility
Differentiating between species of mice.
Deer Mice, White Footed Mice, and House Mice discussed.
The Importance of Pedigrees, an Adopters reference.
Many people that seek pet-only mice don’t think a pedigree is important. However, a pedigree is incredibly important for both breeders and pet-only caregivers!
Bringing your new mouse home
Detailed tips to help make trips as safe and least stressful as possible.
Before getting a mouse
Transport Carrier
During transport
Arriving home
Handling Mice
The proper way to pick up a mouse.
How to tame a mouse.

Mouse Quarantine
Quarantine definition.
Why to quarantine.
What to quarantine:
Any new mice.
Pre-existing mice in your mousery that have displayed any signs of parasites, illness, etc.
Any of your mice that leave your home and come back.
Any person that has been in recent contact with mice or where mice have been.
Any product for your mice.
How to quarantine:
General quarantine introduction.
Method 1, Off-Site Quarantine.
Method 2, In-House Quarantine.
What to observe during quarantine.
Mouse Emergency Kit
Good tips about what to have on hand in case of an emergency!
Tips on medicating your pet mouse
2 video clips showing 2 different ways to give oral medications effectively and efficiently.
~ this section is not yet complete.
Mouse Diet
General mouse diet
Ingredients and values
Pre-mixed foods
Lab Block
Home made mixes
Treats and added nutrients
Neutering Mice
Things to consider before neutering.
Is neutering necessary in your case?
Is your mouse a good candidate for neutering?
Will you be willing to pay for it?
What if something goes wrong?
Pro’s and Con’s of neutering
The bottom line
The procedure: before, during, and after
Before neutering
During the procedure
After neutering
Spaying a female
Hair loss, itching, and skin problems Warning: graphic images.
Chronic Scratching
Food Allergies
Bedding Allergies
Transmission of parasites and reducing the risk.
Lice/Mite Treatment
Mouse Waltzing/Circling
Waltzing Introduction
Video Clip
Neurological disorders
Brain Tumor
Ear infection
High frequency noises

Proper Housing for Mice
Housing mice with other animals.
What type of housing is best?
Aquariums/Reptile tanks
Kritter Keepers
Plastic Bins
Wire Cages
Plastic Trails
Wood Structures
Free Range
Cardboard boxes
Keeping Mice Together
Can female mice live together?
Can male mice live together?
Is it possible to keep a male and a female together without having babies?
Cage Calculator
Find out how many mice you can house in your habitat.
Introducing Mice
Neutral Territory
Small Introductions
Love your roommate
Love your neighbor
Sweet Smells
Playground Introductions
Fighting and Arguing
Cleaning, Bedding, and Smells!
What kind of bedding/litter should I use?
Shredded paper
Treated Pine
Cat Litter
How do I decrease odor?
Male odor
What kind of wheel should I get?
Plastic “bar” wheels
Wire Bar wheels
Saucer wheels
Mesh wheels
Strait Crossbars
Critter Trail/SAM cage wheels
Comfort wheels
Silent Spinners
Orbit wheels
Wheel/Ball combo
Run About Balls
How to make a Box Shelf
Section explains, step by step with pictures, on how to make a second level to a habitat with a box.
How to make No Sew Fleece Cube
This sections shows how to make a Fleece Cube with step by step instructions and pictures. This is fun, easy, and economical! Additionally, fleece knotting is safer than sewn cubes as you are eliminating the thread!

Breeding Ethics. This is a must read, BEFORE you consider breeding.
Veterinary care
Adopting out
Breeding Goals
Breeding Pet Shop mice

Breeding Mice, mating to birth.
Optimal breeding age and number of litters.
Mating & Conception
Diet for pregnant and nursing moms.
Housing pregnant females together.
Maternity Nannies
Using a nanny
Nanny Selection
Housing for mothers with babies.
Selecting a nursery tank.
Food and water.
Nest boxes.
Nesting material.
Toys (including wheels).
Complete nursery example, including pictures.
Relocating to a larger tank.
Caring for babies, birth through weaning.
Important Introduction
End of pregnancy, beginning of birth
Are they here yet?
Postpartum estrus
Birthing Complications
Handling Babies
Cleaning the Nursery
Popcorn Stage (Flea Stage)
Mounting Behavior
Caring for Orphaned mice
Important note
Fostering with another mother.
Hand Raising
Day by Day Baby Mouse Pictures
Includes daily pictures of mouse babies from a couple hours old until weaning age (4 weeks). Shows size development in comparison to a quarter.
Sexing Mice
Better safe than sorry.
Sexing How-to.
Sexing Adult mice using the Genital method.
Sexing Juvenile mice using the Genital method.
Sexing Juvenile mice using the Nipple method (Early age).
Sexing Juvenile mice using the Nipple method (Standard age).

Information provided on this website is of opinion, based on my experiences, the experiences of others whom I trust, as well as reading countless lab reports. None of this information is, in any way, a replacement of that of a qualified veterinarian. You should always consult a licensed professional when caring for any animal. Information on this site is presented “as is” and “at your own risk.” I can’t imagine that any of my information would hurt your animal but I have to include that part anyway.