Mouse Emergency Kit

The Fun Mouse: Mouse Information: Mouse Emergency Kit  Herein is a list of things you should have on hand when caring for mice. It is advisable to have all supplies on hand before acquiring mice as problems can arise any time. None of these supplies, nor their use, are to take the place of prompt vet… Read More »

Mouse Quarantine

The Fun Mouse: Mouse Info: Mouse Quarantine Quarantine Difinition A period of detention and isolation imposed upon persons, animals, plants, and any other object upon arrival at a place, when suspected of carrying some infectious or contagious disease. (Source: definition based on Random House Unabridged Dictionary) Why To Quarantine Quarantine is done to prevent the spread… Read More »

Handling Mice

The Fun Mouse: Mouse Information: Handling Mice The proper way to pick up a mouse I recommend that you let your mouse get to know you before picking them up. This way they will feel less intimidated. Try just putting your hand in their cage and letting them come to you. More than likely your mouse… Read More »

Bringing Your New Mouse Home

The Fun Mouse: Mouse Info: Bringing Your New Mouse Home Before Getting A Mouse Before deciding to add a mouse to your family, you should have already read everything you could about them. Insure that a mouse is the right pet for you and fits your personality best. You should know about general mouse care, including… Read More »

The Importance of Pedigrees

The Fun Mouse: Mouse Information: The Importance of Pedigrees. At first you come to this page and notice how long it is. Perhaps it is a bit intimidating. But then you realize how essential pedigrees MUST be if there is this much to write about their importance! Obtaining a Pedigree If a breeder doesn’t openly divulge… Read More »

Differentiating Between Species Of Mice

The Fun Mouse: Mouse Info: Differentiating Between Species Of Mice. The Deer Mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) and the White Footed Mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) are very closely related to each other, yet they are both very distantly related to the House Mouse (Mus musculus). The House Mouse is what your pet Fancy Mice are.  All Fancy Mice are… Read More »

House Mouse General Facts

The Fun Mouse: Mouse Information: House Mouse general facts. Environment Housing Temperatures Mice should be kept between 65*F and 80*F at all times. Temperatures exceeding this can cause chills, lethargic mice, illness, and even death. Humidity The humidity level should stay between 30% and 70%. Too high humidity can cause ringtail, higher ammonia levels, and… Read More »